Things are getting really weird all of a sudden with ex , not sure about things at all now?

its weird I hadn't even seen her at all since July then she re appeared one night during holiday break at local bar , she claims to be in a new relationship with this other guy and maybe she is. but when she saw me with this other girl I knew she was pretty jealous and started acting all weird and like started talking to some random guy to try and get me jealous and then danced with another guy after that. part of the reason we broke up was her sister and there was some issues there , I sent sister an apology tweet after I had also seen her at bar that night and we had some issues.
then last night I saw ex again this time at another bar we both occasionally go to and I only talked to her for a bit but could see her in eyes that things were different and a lot better. I'm not sure if she wants me back or maybe she missed me or exactly what is going on here


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  • Sounds like she still thinks about you and if she's trying to make you jealous, she hasn't moved on conpletely. From what you explained, I'm pretty sure I know exactly how she feels. There's a crazy huge chance she just misses you.


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