Should I break up with Kai?

I feel like he's not going to get anything out of this relationship- I always struggle to think of nice things to say to him, because everything about me is depressing. Last year, I was suicidal over my last relationship because someone else close to me was basically bullying me into thinking I'm not worthy to be anyone's girlfriend. I don't want to drag my boyfriend down into the pit of depression that I'm in right now, but I also love him too much to leave him. Should I just end it now?
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  • he has chose to be with you
    perhaps he sees the light you think is hidden ^_^

    my gf is the most pessimistic and "depressed" person i have ever met, yet i see who she really is, rather than the dark cloud that follows.

    so have faith in him and his choices
    have faith in yourself and that this period will be over

    and smile ^_^


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