I want to separate with my boyfriend. How can I tell that to him?

I dont want to make him sad because he loves me very much but i dont love him anymore. I had my first sexual experiance with him but its not enought to love him for me now. How can I separate him please help me


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  • Well of course you are going to make him sad/hurt him. How would that not happen?

    but you can make it as straightforward as you can. You just tell him that the two of you are not for one another. Don't say stupid stuff or play games, just tell him. And make it fast and easy. it is going to hurt, but at least he knows and can move on.


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  • Well why dont you love him anymore?

    • Because he gets angry easily and he always argue with me. When he has an arguements with me he always says bad words and curses. My heart is always broken because of that. And after all of them he comes to me and says me ı love you more than everything. I believe him he loves me but ı dont love him anymore because of that reasons

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    • I told that many times but he doesent change

    • fair enough.

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