What's the deal is she just using guys to not think about us?

Ok ladies I have a question for you. Im just recently out of a two year relationship we were engaged to be married in March of this year she had left once back in 2014 claiming it was because of where we lived up until that point everything had been good no fights the occasional disagreement but never anything bad anyways she came back about 2 months later begging forgiveness for the things she had said to me and asking if I could ever give us another chance. I had just started college and she was going to the same one and I told her sure that we could give it another go because I truly love her well when her mom found out we were together she kicked her out immediately and we had to move in together again within a week of getting back together everything was good and we talked about what caused the break up she told me she had tried to be with another guy while we were apart but that he had left her for another girl (this made me question is she back because she really loves me or because she's lonely) I told her I didn't care and had even expected it had even told her the guys name before she could because I had noticed get talking about him a lot just before she left. Anyway we were really good for the next 3 months but then in November she started acting kinda lazy honestly she wouldn't get up for class and the sex life was dwindling I was trying to spice it up by going out more and doing things from back when wet first got together and I thought it was working up until just after Thanksgiving she went into work early to make up some hours and I barely heard from her all day just the occasional I love you and I figured she was just busy so I shrugged it off but that whole week she seemed distant so that Saturday for days later she stayed out with a friend and partied all night then came in real early in the morning everything was ok that day we went out to the mall got groceries and made dinner together danced together in the kitchen


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