Do you think I can win my ex back after a forced broke up by her mom? its been 5 months since the forced broke up and 2 months since we stop talking?

She moved on with a new guy i just about gave up fighting for her but 2 months go she message me crying said she misses talking to me and i did nothing wrong. I just feel what her mom did forced her to move on over a phone n Facebook fight which was not that bad is wrong. I love this girl and she's my heart and i told her to block me on fbook n lately i been regeting telling her to block me. I felt like at the time i need space and she did as well. I was taking care of my sick sister at the time she has cancer could not walk the stress got to me i fucked up and said some hurtful thungs to my ex for the first time ever. I been doing a lot of thinking since then i need to do whats best for me and no give up becuase her family dont like seeing us happy togther. i plane on meeting my ex at collage and poping the question and what ever choice she makes ill respected it since ir was hers not her moms. My speach pauline i know your family and friends say we shouldn't be together. But i know we belong together and i have faith that u feel the same way to. since that first time in class i heard the most beatful voice singing in my sleep then opened my eyes to see the most beatful girl in the room standing in front of me. since that day i known in my heart u were the one. just like rory i waited over 1000 years to be with you. i know wise man say only fools rush in but pauline amy flores will u make me the hapliest man alive and marry me in 5 more years? What do u think and sorry i know i posted here 2 times before but its the only thing that helps me through the day when am upset like this. My ex use to say we are just like roy and amy thay she waited 1000 years to be with me. That i all ways be their for her all this time we been friends for over 6 years i was there for her through allof her brokes ups n there when she use to cut herself. when ever we had fights she would cry n say or u really going to marry me in 5 or 6 years? so do u think i stand a chance?


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  • You should move on let her be happy with her new BF she's with him for a reason

    • Becuase she was forced to move on by her family went go into details but she come to me crying for a reason. And we been friends for 6 years thats how she deals with pain pretty much told me she only with him for her mom n dad.

    • So truest me she's not happy with him otherwise she would have never come to me crying about him. Would have never mesaage me saying she misses me she crys everytime we talk has told me a lot she feels there nothing she can do. So am giving her a reason to fight for me since i think she needs me to prove sonething to her. Truest me you dont know how controling her family is and what they did to her. But dont think ill get a reply back from u. But tka for the advice but not givng up i only asked if u think it can work out.

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