Did he really love me or was it just a game?

We said we loved each other all the time and I meant it and I thought he did too until I found out he was talking to somebody else he said he would've told me but it wasn't serious between the other girl so I ended things and he said "I know you won't believe this but your too good for me and I don't know how to appreciate something good" but know just 2 weeks later they seem pretty serious and are posting pictures on social sites but aren't dating. Then just a few days ago he told me happy birthday and said love you always so did he really love me or was it just a game and if he did why was he talking to someone else


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  • If he loved u and want to be with u he wouldn't post pics game or maybe u r not the one


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  • yeah, just a game. men will say anything to get in your pants. he did the same to you and now he's doing the same to her. youfell to hard in and too quickly. he said happy birthday cause he wanted to rekindle what he figured he was gonna loose. leave this player. you deserve a man who really does love you. be strong when he wants you back.


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