How on earth do you forget about someone?

I suppose its a rhetorical question really.. and needed somewhere to vent it... Sure there will be helpful comments and stupid ones too.. ;-)
But.. like with any of the questions here.. none of you know the detail behind a question, so its all rather subjective...

11 months on from breaking my heart.. (and I really mean I was so messed up and crippled by her)..
She still keeps appearing in my head..
the unanswered questions I have...
The deceit and lies she told me and even now I am finding out things without even looking.. (Honestly.. I really am not looking)
Waking in a cold sweat when my memory throws something up..

We have no contact, I don't want contact, she can die for all I care.. Really.. if she stepped in front of me I would walk straight past without a second glance..

Mostly its better.. mostly I don't even think of her..
Mostly if she does "come to me" I feel nothing.. But sometimes the anger swells... the paranoia takes over...

I think its the lies and deceit that was delivered to me and that I believed in her absolutely.. and she betrayed me.. that's the issue...

Is it just time? Do I just have to keep waiting for it to fade away..

I just can't believe anyone could treat me so badly...

Ridiculously, my spouse and I are better friends because of that monster... no, we are not together (separated), but we are good friends... That's quite crazy I suppose...
Well.. the whore is a distant memory.. One thst i can't erase totally.. But working on it..
My landlord where i started my new business said to me...
"Go take a massive dump and when you flush it away, say goodbye as it dissapears"
A bit crass perhaps.. But after 3 of them.. Its was all a lot better.. Ha ha ha..


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  • What you felt for her was true love and that will never go away. Time will make it easier but it never goes away. What will happen is that we learn that the time it took for the situation to get to where it did we won't allow from another individual and it makes it easier to cut that person loose. Once you do find someone else that you can trust and fall for fully all the rest will feel like a dream. I truly know what you are feeling I'm dealing with the same thing and time is seeming like its standing still.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 11 month and u still want answers! It's late and u just wasting ur time and ur energy and u will feel anger while she's laughing

    I dont know if u need more time bcoz everyone different

    But if u find new girl with good personality u will forget about ur ex , even uf u didbt forget at least the past will hurt u less
    and u will focus with the new girl

    And dont look for answers with bitch bcoz she will make illusion answers these type of girl will never give u answers they will make it worst if u ask again n again

    Find new girl and dont expect the new girl same ur ex to start good realitionship



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  • You need to get your answers! I had a relationship end almost 10 years ago ( I have had plenty since than). But I had questions that needed to be answered. I knew I really broke his heart. It ended because I found it all too much. I was 19, and it was my first adult relationship. He was 24, and talking about married and children. I was still getting used to the idea of being intimate with someone. I felt like Wendy in Peter Pan, just pick from the school room, and dragged into the adult world. When I broke up with him, he just cried. It was so very sad. 10 years on he can still pick me in a crowd.


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