How to survive no contact?

My boyfriend and I broke up recently. I still love him and he says he still loves me but we both understand that our relationship is unhealthy and it's best to no longer be together.

I have been trying to stick with no contact. It's hard because I care about him and do miss him. He was also my best friend. But I feel like the only way I'll ever be able to get over him and move on is if I do the no contact thing.

It's killing me though because I just want to talk to him. How do you stick with it?


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  • No contact is really hard. It's a long road that doesn't seem to get any easier for a while and you'll definitely want to give in on more than one occassion.

    The only thing you can really do is constantly remind yourself that its for the best. Block him on any single thing you could possibly contact him on. Everytime you think you may want to unblock him, don't do it. Tell yourself that there's a guy out there just waiting to be with you and remember why your relationship failed in the first place.

    Most importantly, you have to be patient. You have to realize that its going to take time. Lots of time. You may still love each other but if your relationship is unhealthy, you need to let it go. It could take months to get over him. But I promise, you will get over him. One day you'll wake up and not miss him, not be in love with him, not even care what he's up to.

    Once you cut him from from life and from your heart, you can begin to invest your energy in you and the person you're truly meant to be with will come along. So please just trust in that. You can do this, you just have to work hard.

    • I'm afraid of giving in. Our relationship was not in good shape but I don't feel like I'm totally ready to let him go yet and I'm scared that I'll fall back into this terrible routine with him unless I completely cut him from my life.

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  • If you both still love each other and you both understand the problems in your relationship then why not try to fix the unhealthiness instead of braking up?

    • It's more complicated than that. He's cheated in the past. He broke up with me, and pulled me back in, broke up with me, pulled me back in, quite a few times. Because of this and the cheating I've become incredibly insecure, always trying to please him, putting my own happiness on the back burner. We have tried to work on our issues but things won't change and I need to do what's best for me and move on.

    • You're totally right in that case. You have to move on. There is no excuse for cheating. Good luck.

  • delete him off your phone.


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