Girls how many times have u and your boyfriend broke up andgot back together, will mine eventually come back?

Like this is the second time we have broken up. is there still a chance for us to get back together. does breakups happen. this what happened. Ok so when I first meet my ex and I didn't like him and I rejected him. he took all contact from us. a few months passed I texted him seeing how he was doing and he pursed me again and we started dating cuz I started to like like a lot. like he liked me so much he was nonstop. he really cared for me. now we're broken up cuz he says he doesn't want to be with me or anybody else he says he just wants to smoke weed and bee alone. i was good to my boyfriend I treated him so well we even meet each others parents and family. Now at first he wouldn't tell me why he doesn't want to be with me then he told he just used me for sex and didn't want to dated me at all which I think is crazy he just wants me to feel bad about myself. he wanted to date me first and he said he forced his self to date me. he said he just wants to do him. and he blocked me on all social media. is there still a chance? what experiences haveu gone through and uve gotten back with ur ex


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  • O have never gotten back with an ex and non of my breakups were as bad as this

    • How is this bad. he didn't cheat or me or anything bad he just doesn't want to be with me. or anybody.

    • That he blocked you off and told you what he did I stayed in contact with my exes and again never got back toto gather

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  • We have never done the break up-get back together bullshit. If you break up once, it means it's over and should STAY over.

    Off and on again relationships are a joke and never lead to anything good.

    Stop feeling like it's the end of the world and that you oh so love him. He's a douche, move on, don't look back and for god's sake, go back to school and fix your grammar and syntax.

    • Reallly wtf i do love him. there's many couples that have broken up and gotten back together and stayed together there rest of there lives. deep down i know he cares for me seriously ur gonn judge my grammar bitch im in college thank u very much. I've had a lot of guys treAt me like trash but this guy hasn't in our relationship he treated me like a fucking queen why dontu go to school. i never give up on people i love i have a fucking heart im human why dont u go get a heart

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    • Wow u think im not mature how great of u stop commenting and just go get a life seriously. u have nothing else better to do to just put people down go fuck off. u dont even know me or my whole story why dont u go criticize ur own life.

    • I'm not putting you down. I'm telling you that pursuing this relationship is going to cause more hurt.

      Do you really want to carry on breaking up, then getting back together again? Is that the sort of relationship you always wanted?

      The fact that you refuse to be scrutinised and keep on raging and swearing tells me you're still a child.

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  • Tooo many times. It got to the point where even though we would throw it out " im done or its over" we knew it didn't mean nothing. When we lived together us break up would be us not sharing the same cover, I used to be soo pissed I'd get my own.
    We completely done now though.

    But my ex did that, even had another girlfriend.
    Your chances depends on how much you care for one another, why you broke up and if its worth fixing or trying again.

  • I would not get back with an ex.

    • But im in love with him he broke up with me for no damn reason.

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    • Well its a stupid reason but we could eventually get back together.

    • I doubt it. He said he didn't want to be with anyone.

  • Only once.


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