Can a guy "wait" and be faithful in a long distance relationship?

We were really close friends for a year, it took him a while even though he knew how I felt but he asked me to be his girl.

three months later he told me he loves me and I knew before that he has never loved any girl he has been with. And it took a lot for him to finally daily it and he said he loved me even while we were friends.

less than a month later, during the holidays he was expressing his concerns about our relationship going into long distance (5-6 hours travel) and it lead to a break up. Coupled with me being a virgin and the fact that we won't be spending time together.

is this common? What am I to make of what we had? (I'm 22 and he's 24)


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  • I was with my GF for two years. I then moved 12 hours away by car. We dated long distance for two more years then engaged for a year and then married. Been married for 28 years now.

    • Its just hard to accept that its over n he didn't really love me when we had such a bond. He said he didn't wanna end up cheating n then lying about it cause even if we visited each other there's be no sex..., I'm just so sad cause I feel like I'll never meet anyone I feel that comfortable with. I waited 22 years to date and finally thought I'd found my fit.

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  • My bf and I have a long distance rs and he is 100% faithful. I know this because we have discussed having other partners, just sexually, but none of us liked that idea for ourselves.


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  • its possible but it all depends on the two of you. it can't just be 1 way.

    • Elaborate please?

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    • Yeah he does. But why say he loves me though? That gave me, hope that he'd stick it out especially since he's never said it before. I'm struggling to figure it out

    • its only words, if he can't prove it to you through actions then they don't mean anything.

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