Ex (3yrs) text me after 3 months? why ladies?

So my ex gf who I was madly in love with broke up about 9 months ago. It was a unexpected break due to a real ugly fight but towards the end we weren't communicating well.. We talk constant during the break up but I defied to go nc when she told me she was going to trying in date a old hs friend. She asked to be friends I refused and she cried with deep sorrow. She called the next morning saying just because she is with some doesn't mean she is over me because she still has deep feelings... I told her I still love her and told her to call me if she wants to work things out. So 2 months past she calls and leaves a v message and told me that he relationship ended I text a few days later with no response... So 3 months go by I get a text saying "happy new years, happy Christmas, happy Thanksgiving , Stuart Scott died." She knew Stuart Scott was a stong infulence in my life... I replied happy new years, happy Christmas, happy Thanksgiving, I heard earlier, TRAGIC... She replied with a video of song clip from a sitcom we watched together the clip was actually her ringtone for months... I replied with lol I forgot about that song lol... I was nc for 3 months before the text because our nasty break... I truly thinks she misses me but I don't know what's she wants. I still have feelings for her after months of not speaking and seeing each other.. She indicates 90% contact but I dont wanna just be her friend can some woman help me with input on what she is doing and what should I do


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  • You have to be clear and ask her if she wants to work on the relationship. If she doesn't then you need to end all contact otherwise you're just prolonging your pain.

  • Shadowlegend is absolutely correct. I was in a situation where my ex and I still loved each other but he moved on with someone else but wanted to stay in contact with me. I had to finally call it off completely because it was too painful for me to be his friend.


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