Has an ex ever come back after saying never?

Guys Im curious
Has your ex ever come back after saying the following

''I'm not in love with you anymore''
''I do not see us ever being together''
''I see you as only a friend and that will never change''
''We will never get back together''


i need more girls to answer this


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What Guys Said 3

  • I wish :'(

    Haha jk. Nah, doesn't happen

  • I dont think so... Usually... thats the last time I see them... hehe

  • Yes that happened with me and last time she asked me to back it was before 3 month ,


What Girls Said 1

  • I've came back to him.. And I've had guys come back to me in the past.. So yes

    • how long did u wait for him to come back?

    • Well they usually say bye but i always remind them that if the next girl doesn't treat them as half as good as i did then all he's ever gonna think about is me. And they usually come back within a week but I've also tried and fix things before he leaves like changing my attitude and be the person i once was if he puts in work too.. And things would be fine

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