My bf's new gf's hates me?

So I broke up 4 months ago -I actually dumped him- and I kinda miss him tbh but I know damn well it's over.
we both moved on we are kinda friends now we don't talk what'sapp or on any other messenger, but in real life we joke, we tease each other every now and then.
The problem is his new gf apparently is hating me for no specific reason it's more like I am the one who should be hating her not the opposite because she was seducing my bf while we were still dating.
I don't know I thought it was just me who was noticing it or maybe I am exaggerating but many people I know told me why she gives you these looks.


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  • It doesn't matter what she thinks, as long as it doesn't effect you in the long run , really its not a big deal, dont worry she'll get over it, stay cool :)#


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