GF hasn't spoken to be properly for 3 days now. Should I just give up hope?

This will probably be my final post about this, unless she contacts me later on today, but the chances are bleak.

My GF hasn't contacted me for 3 days, I presume because she's still mad at me using her YouTube account to post a comment and a like on my video. She called it "using" her.

I'm lost, confused and almost always on the verge of crying because of this. I don't know how someone could react in such a way to something so small!

What to do?


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  • I assume you've made other posts, I haven't seen them so I'm a little confused.

    Did she give you her YouTube password, I mean how did you get on her YouTube in the first place? Also, have you tried to be in touch with her? I assume yes? What have you sent?

    I can't imagine she's going to ignore you forever, but three days (or more) seems a long time. Are you generally in touch every day?

    • She was already logged on to YouTube.

      I went on her computer to buy something with MY card, then I went on YouTube to play some music because that's what I do when I wake up, and that's when I noticed she was signed in so I just though "Why not?" and used it.

      Yes, I apologised to her.

      We are always in touch normally.

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    • I think that's a good idea. She will be in touch for sure.

    • Whatever it is, a break up or not, I want us to meet face-to-face. I'd hate if she did it over the phone, and I know it'd be so much harder to get over her.

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  • Chill out, first of all. No need to panic. 3 days is not a very long period of time.

    That said, don't reach out to her again--I assume you have several times, right (more about that in a moment)? Let her contact you on her own time, when it pleases her to do it; if she never does, well, that sucks, but that's unfortunately how things go sometimes. Get it into your mind to move on now, and be pleasantly surprised if she resumes contact.

    About contacting her. Apologizing is an art form, and likely it was mishandled if you did. If the words "sorry" came out of your mouth, big sign that you screwed up--apologies need to be non-supplicating while acknowledging when you are in the wrong.

    In any case, give her more time to contact you, don't contact her, be ready to move on.

    • "Chill out, first of all. No need to panic" ---- "be ready to move on". Cheers, that really stops me panicking.

      I guess I should just assume it's over then.

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    • Now, what you should do when/if she contacts you...

      Behave as if none of this ever happened. Don't bring it up. If she brings it up, play it off with a laugh and get back to enjoying each other's company. Put it in the past, don't feed into her drama. You've already apologized (poorly, but you did) so attempting to say anything else just looks foolish.

    • Another thing, about apologies.

      Read harakiri's response to this question. I have an exchange with her in it.

      Toward the end, I apologize to her--in the proper way. Doesn't sound or look like an apology, does it? But that's what it was. Break that down and notice her response to it.

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  • Let her stay NC as long as she likes. Even if she's mad because of the principle of the thing (liking your video and commenting on it from her account to give your video some activity) it's so minute you'd need an electron microscope to truly appreciate how insignificant it is. Don't be pushed around by this childish behaviour.

    • Ok, I guess I'll just take this as a pussy way of saying "It's over" then.

    • If she's willing to let the relationship end because you used her YouTube video to post a comment, you are better off without her anyway. She'll just find some other stupid reason in future to keep doing this to you.

  • You know her personality, we don't. That makes a huge difference.
    Does she often react this way?

    • Out of proportion?

      Yeah, I suppose. She does make meals out of a lot of things.

      Whenever she steps out of line, I'll just show her that what she did/said was bad and then that's it.

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    • I never tell her what to do!! Where did you get that from?

      When I said "show" her I meant get mad at her and stop contacting... she's quickly get the idea she had done something wrong and would apologise to me. These things she'd do would be insulting me, calling me names, etcetera...

      I just don't get why she'd get so mad after I used her YouTube account?

      This is the FIRST time she's been mad at me for more than a day!

    • I tried calling her again... NO response!

  • Crying for what?


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