Do you think my GF wants to break up or not (Poll)?

This is the text she sent me after not responding for 2 days "I am really, really upset and I don't want to talk about it now because I'm stressed about University and not thinking straight. I don't think we'll see each other before you go, but maybe next time you're in London when things have calmed down".

Is this a break up message? Is it good or bad?
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  • doesn't look good if she was silent for two days, then doesn't wanna talk about it... she maaaay be cheating and is upset because she tried to not do it again and it happened again.

    • Lol... why is it that everyone jumps on the "she's cheating omg" train... she's. not. cheating...

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    • I'm 1000% sure.

    • Well there you go, maybe she's just stressed with school.

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  • ughhh don't wanna scare you but it sounds bad to my ears :-(


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