Do I have reason to be mad or am I just over thinking things?

So my ex and I are trying to make things work again so we are taking things slow.. just yesterday he texted me and he was being flirty and even calling me babe. Today I msgd him in the morning "hey hope you have a good day" and its evening and still I have yet to get a response. In a way I didn't leave a question on the last message but out of courtesy wouldn't you say something back? Should I text a sarcastic remark like "Are you alive" or wait to see if he will say why he didn't message me back or when he msgs me should I tell him I didn't appreciate his non response. I don't know am I over thinking it in general? I just feel it doesn't take much to say thank you hope you have a good day as well.


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  • Remember there is no protocol for texting. No text etiquette exists in our culture as of Jan 2015. Are you over thinking it? YES. Stop thinking about this guy. Text someone else, anyone (mom, friend, other guy) and also erase the unresponded to text. Go back to how it was when you guys first broke it off. People don't need a "hey hope you have a good day" text every morning. Worry about your day and how great it's going to be, not his. Don't text this guy until he gets in touch with you first. Yes, it's tough but that feeling under your skin that can only be relieved by hitting send on a second message, will go away. Wait it out.

    And also don't express dissatisfaction with his behavior, at least not yet. Do this instead: know that this guy is the type that doesn't return a message. Confronting, complaining and/or over thinking is a waste. He will not change. Any quick change because of your protests would be temporary. Eventually he'll revert to being the same guy possibly like before when you broke up in the first place. Keep talking to other guys until this one starts putting out real effort. Make yourself too busy to care.

    • Do not text this guy and make any declarations about his behavior. He needs to come up with the thought on his own. (him): When I don't show an interest/attention she could disappear.

      If you tell him it won't have the same effect. He has to come to the conclusion, formulate the thought through experience. Not by what is told to him. It's better to not confront because now he can justify the behavior by saying "she's clingy" "she's a head case."

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    • He will most likely act like it never happened, which is fine. It's helpful to remember all these uncomfortable feelings and have no guilt as you talk to other guys. You hit the nail on the head by bringing up worth. It's all about what emotional distress you're willing to put up with and why. Just wait as soon as you stop caring he'll be all over you. I don't mean pretend to not care. Genuinely not care about this guy. Easier said than done, I've been struggling with this lately. Tough couple weeks for me. All guys eventually come around as long as I monitor my behavior and don't impulsively react to emotions. Sometimes it takes them dating someone else to realize how good they had it, unfortunately most times it's too late by then.

    • Well in my case asa we broke up he ended up with a gir a mth after that and it lasted 2mths while he was with her he still msgd me till eventually he told the new girl he was still friends with his ex.. eventually they broke up and he has never fully let me go. I've been giving him his space lately and he msgd me yest on his own.. that always feels good. I don't know what exactly he wants right now but I feel he still has feelings for me and that's why I hold on because I really care about him.. alot!!

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  • i feel.. you are inclined towards him, it is not good that you expect things, break up happens for a reason and it does have its past, getting back together with ex is totally different,.. it is best you don't give him an opportunity to get back,
    if you reply then he might think you are desperate and have chances of you being taken advantage of.
    so, don't just give me that chance, if he had hurt you before, let him you are worth of effort and not just a random girl, then he shall respect your feelings as well as you...

    • Well in this case he assumed I would flirt with guys and I broke his heart. . so if anything I wldnt worry about him hurting me because i did it to him but unintentionally. . he was so in love with me and I broke his heart.. now he says he's not ready and to not rush him.. so some days he's shows me how he feels other days he will be like that day where I didn't hear from him all day.. apar of me says he's taking his time and i have to accept it the other part tells me stay away to show him what he's missing out on.. i love him very much and at 1 point before out break up he even said he wanted to marry me.. it's all so comfusing and I wish he wld jst be with me already.. i miss him having him around all the time

    • if it is this then.. it's worth you express him your feelings and get to him ASAP.

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  • I agree it's not hard to respond back but he doesn't seem to me making much of an effort like you are... i mean he may be busy but if i had a bf and he said "Hope your having a great day!" soon as i get a chance id say "Thanks i'll try lol" i wouldn't ignore someone like that and just go "Cools" to myself then pretend you never said it lol, you want to feel like he's actually thinking about you too but i think your both just unsure you can make this work.

    • Exactly that's how I see it.. I don't know if I should ask him if he got my morning message just to see what he says or just wait till he responds back. . he eventually will. . what do you think?

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    • honestly it would give you closure if you texted him back tomorrow so your certain he's not showing much interest, guys tend to make us feel really unsure of everything, we never know half the time if they are into us or not, 1 min they say they are hen next thing notta thing... i don't like feeling uncertain so if he's not interested id find out sooner than say next week lol.

    • Well him and I see each other every week and txts me throughout the week so that's why I say we are taking things slow and all for his sake.. I wish I knew what he thought of in that head of his but only he knows.. he's not an ex in which I haven't contacted in awhile since we've broken up we always been around each other..

  • You are already having issues trying with this relationship again. I agree it's not difficult to reply to that. Maybe he thinks you text too much I don't know.

    What I think it's that you should both go your desperate ways. You broke up for a reason and this is quite petty.

    • Yah that's how I see it it's not difficult to respond back and say something. .

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