You know why my ex is like this?

me and my ex had a argument on a before new years. we date for 2 years she was 12 and i was 14 . Then we fell apart wen i turned 16 , i dated someone else for a couple months. My ex called and wanted me back , so i ended up get back with her but i haven't said goodbye to my current one and i gave her goodbye *** and i left her for my ex. Then we broke up wen she moved but never told me. I haven't talk to her for over a year and now she ended up texting me around Oct - Dec while she had a new boy toy that was a so called mad her stressed out or something and we started texting. So i went to see her the day after Christmas ( 2 hour ride ) and she sed she never going back with me and she will NEVER fall in love with me again. And i went home. She stupid!! whats her problem? my brova say she still likes me, he text her and she call me crazy maybe cause i do tattoos at the age of 18 . Anyway is there something up?


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  • Who cares, forget about it. Only she knows why she acted that way


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