How to know if a guy still likes you after a break up?

We've broken up for quite a while and I was just wondering if he still like me? :/ what would you do if you still liked a girl and you wanted her back but the glitch here is that he has an ego with the size of the universe >.< so tell me what would you do if you had a big ego? this is really important ASAP!!


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  • Depends on the situation that resulted in you guys breaking up. If it was due to something you did then you should reach out to him. If the breakup was due to something he did then he should reach out to you. But since you said his ego is too big then unfortunately you will have to reach out first and if he responds back to you then he still likes you. Hopefully that helps :)


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  • He would put his ego aside if he truly wanted the girl back and he would tell her. If he isn't doing that then he doesn't still like you.


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  • Well if I was truly into the girl i would throw that ego aside. Because losing the girl, than keeping my ego would be much more important to me. If he can't do that then why would you hold onto those "great memories" you guys had. There is much more out there than wasting your time on a rotten fish in the sea. Don't waste your time and use that time for you. You're a person too.


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