How to get your exes feelings to resurface? And even get them back?

My ex and I had a rough break up 3 weeks ago but are now talking again as friends, kinda. We were each others first love and always had an amazing time together (trust me, she thought the same) she was seriously so crazy about me but then some stuff came up with her friends giving her a lot of presure and a couple were actually saying they wouldn't hang out with her again until she dumped me because she was willingly spending all her free time with me. and also her grades were slipping and she was getting overwhelmed with life and broke up with me. She wanted to try again once things got cleared up and she got her life back on track and said shed always love me and love talking to me and wanted her in my life no matter what. I handled it very well and it was all on good terms until she started jumping back and forth and playing with my emotions unintentionally so I lost it and went off on her. She was so upset by what I said that she blocked me on everything and deleted all our pictures. However yesterday she finally texted me after 2-3 weeks no talking. At first she was being very cold and I could tell she was still mad at me while she just claimed indifference like that she doesn't care at all anymore about me. I managed to turn the conversation light and she was warming up quickly. However she said she doesn't see the point in us hanging out ever again... That really hurts me because she always emphasized how i was her absolute favorite person to be around. How can I make her remember that, or ease her into seeing me again, giving me another chance. I feel like I need a really good plan. I know deep down that if we saw each other she would end up loving it again but she's quite stubborn and is trying to make a point somewhat i feel. I've apologized as much as possible for everything. I feel like I need to be texting her a lot like after a certain amount of good conversations she will finally warm up fully. But i dont want to bug the shit out of her either.


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  • I say wait about a week or two with no contact, and then surprise her with flowers and ask her if she would like to hang out with you. Emphasize that you can take things slow, and then see what she says. I don't know if it will work 100%, but if it were me I would want to see some action, not just words through text messages.


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