Always knew this girl had some issue with me and wasn't sure what it was , now think I know might be political oddly enough ?

I meet this girl a couple years ago and although we lived in same town didn't know each other that well due to age difference she was younger than me. things were always kind of weird but we'd get along well some days and others not as much. I added her on Facebook a while back and for some reason she never liked my profile and wasn't interested in anything there but we still talked in person. she didn't like my messages either and i felt there might of been some issue there but I couldn't exactly figure out what it was.

now I think I know , I've been heavily involved in politics over the years and was some political stuff on my profile that she likely saw. I just noticed on her Facebook page that she supports a political party that I do not like at all so our views would be very different. ( I'm in Canada so we have several political parties here unlike US ) and she appears to be a lot more academic and into politics than I realised and now wondering if this was why she didn't like my profile? was that she saw my views were not anything like her's? but then I don't know how serious someone her age would really take politics and if that be reason she was upset at me? I'm just not sure if this might be a possible reason for her behaviour towards me? we never really talked about politics or current events so never really got a feel for her views


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  • I have been interested in politics since I was 16 and for me was like a "party" when was elections day, meaning even she is younger she might like it.

    You can talk to her and let her know that you just noticed that she had that political view.

    • I'm not sure how interested she was or her exact issues she'd be interested in

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  • If she has an issue, maybe you guys should talk about this.

    • I'm thinking about trying to address the issue somehow possibly through an email , I'm very politically stuck on my views but at same time I'm very open minded and wouldn't have an issue with her having her own views that were not the same as mine , I'm just not sure if she feels the same or if there is some sort of issue here she cannot get over

    • I think an email would be a nice approach.

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