So my ex and I broke up and after almost 2 months he texts. Why? What is he trying to do?

So I was dating this guy and everything seemed good. Then the last day we hung out I never heard of him again. I tried texting him but he never replied even though he would still be active on Instagram liking other girls pictures. So I finally realized that he had "broken up " with me without even letting me know he just walked away. So the thing is we were still following each other on Instagram and Facebook. But to me it was hard to see him being fine and I was hurting so I blocked him on Facebook and Instagram and I also deleted his number. Then I wake up to a text from him that he sent at 2 am saying " Hey... " I right knew it was him but I just said " who's this " at 6am and he never texted back. Question is why would he text me after disappearing for 2 months?


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  • I think he probably didn't know how to break up with you and then when he texted you he just wanted to see if you would actually respond... guys are stupid and immature sometimes when it comes to break ups as are girls but he probably was just toying with your emotions :(

    • he's just so confusing. But I mean what guy is not right? And to the last part yeah sadly but true.

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  • Try asking him... But be careful that he doesn't play with you

    • He didn't reply back to my " who's this " and I really done trying work things out

    • If you really are done then be done and dont let him back in

  • He is a coward. You did great. Now he can't get you, and that makes him want you. He is STUPID (and he probably also realized it). Ignore him.

    • Thank you, it was hard removing him from my life but the best thing to do.

  • wow this an odd situation he must really be an asshole or he is very confused and either involved with someone else. hopefully you haven't had sex with that jerk

    • Thing is he wasn't like that at first we took a break and after when we got back together that's when he started being like this and I'm not the only one who noticed his close friend he also noticed.

    • well maybe he's on drugs or having some personal issues he sounds so unstable

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