We broke up a week ago, talked about getting back and now we kissed. But he needs time to think about it still? What the hell?

We broke up but it was just a dumb fight. We took it as a little friendship break to just sort out problems in our relationship. I told him I would like to get back with him. He said he still loved me and was always hugging me and talking to me. So it was really just a strange little break.

Today he pulled me closer and we laughed about something and just kissed. Then he pulled away and just looked like he was a little flustered. A few minutes later, he kissed me again. A little after that, I had to go so I said bye and hugged him. Right when I got to my car, I texted him "soo what are we now?" and he said he needs time to think about it all. I am so confused. Isn't this all so obvious to him?


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  • I wish I could tell you but I find myself in a similar situation... I dont know if he loves you or not. But for trying, I think you are setting yourself free from future regret. You will know that you tried. Give him his time but he might find that he's too late when he comes to...

    and you will never be "too late" or have what ifs... Just be careful that he doesn't end up taking advantage of your love in a bad way though.

  • Dont talk to him now. Men replies to distance, not words. They like the chase, so dont let him feel he has you in his hands. Dont let him fuck with you, "think about it" is not good enough. He needs to clear his mind, and meanwhile you have to think if you actually want him.


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