Why did he get engaged to someone else? is he just an jerk?

me and this guy were almost at it for a year now. i met one of his parents even went to their home. he would tell me he loves me and i would say the same thing because i really did. before we met he had a child with a women 12 years older than him who already had 3 children by different men before being with him and having his child. he would be so great to me but there were times i felt he would ignore me due to problems living with his childs mother. he was living with her while we were dating but would tell me he doesn't like her at all and how she is crazy but recently i told him he was stupid and that she was a bum and he's dumb for even puttin himself in that stituation to be involved with someone like that who i think is gross because she has kids by different men and never been married. ever since we were done talking 2 weeks later after he gets out of jail (he was in jail for 2 weeks) recently got out, now he's engaged to her like wtf. how do i get over this please? he's a liar
even when we were dating he would try to get me to come over to his house (where he lived with her) while she was not there i really believed he was single he even told me she saw pictures of me in his phone and they got into a argument but he told me he told her they are not in a relationship so she shouldn't get upset. im just really pissed off why did he do this i also noticed he made this announcement after he got on Facebook and realized i was married (on facebook) to another guy but it was just a game not serious then thats when he made his announcement the next day like wtf im pissed


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  • Anonymous is right, you ARE a side chick. Sorry but he lives with his child's mother? Sounds like a sorry excuse to get some pussy. 😂😂😂😂
    What would make you allow this? Was that his only option? Why couldn't he live with you? Just because he doesn't love her doesn't mean he's not having sex with her. Or it may be possible that he loves his child and doesn't want separation between the mother and him in the future if they're getting engaged.
    But honestly, you need a real man not one who just got out of jail 😂 good luck to him finding a job. another thing.. don't call the girl he's with a bum, he's one as well.
    Move on! Good luck. You can do better.

    • mo he couldnt move in with me i didn't feel comfortable with him to move in with me yet. and she is a bum she's old and he told me she didn't even have a job until he got her one but thank you for the advice i will move on

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  • Obviously you were a side chick.

    • we would barely see each other tho cause i was really busy

    • Exactly, that's convenient for him.

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