Ex and I originally called a break but I said break up and now I wanna talk?

I have been progressing in getting over him. But one thing remains,; the tightness and heaviness in my chest every single morning ang I wake up in the dark hours of the morning. Its way too wrong and I feel way too empty. Its been a little over a month. I can't really shake him.

is it advisable that I approach him about meeting and at least talking?


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  • Depeneds. Is the relationship that special. Or are you more afraid of the break up.

    • To me its that special. But how come he's not the one coming toward? I feel like a looser for being the one who has to start that conversation. But my heart feels the loss way too much. I guess maybe I just wanna be satisfied that I did all I could

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    • What mistake was that?

    • Dwelling on love that was lost so much you can't function and flunk out of college. Then continuing on untill you become completely social awkward.

      Point being. YOU need to be strong and not let this or anything change you

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  • Unfortunately it takes a lot longer than a month to get over someone you once love (or maybe still love). Make sure you really think it through before you reach out and open that up again.

    • I think if I dont I'll always wonder. I have to consider letting my heart break one last time over him... And be done with it for good

    • I think that's fair. You can't spend your life wondering. Just be careful and don't immediately let your guard down again.

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