Is this an usual excuse to break up for girls?

My gf left me almost a month ago. We had great time together. I was happy and i think so was she. One day we went out and had a good time as usual but two days after she barely talks to me. After that I ask her if she wants to break up and then she says our relation is a joke and that its something that it just happened for us not to feel lonley and that i fool myself when i think that i love her. Then she says that she is depressed and that she wants to be alone. That she needs her time apart and that she needs to lift her self esteem which is really low. She says that if she doesn't like herself she can't beleave that i do. NC since and im still kinda depressed and I really want her back but its like she already moved on... Is this normal? Do you think that there is someone else? I have not seen her since we broke up. I had to insist her to break up with me in person cause she wanted to do it via whatsup and Facebook... Is there any chance to get her back? its was me second relationship, but the first girl I ever really loved...


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  • You have to accept how she feels. You can't force a relationship on her and she doesn't want to be in one. That's all there is to it. You can't make someone do sonething they don't want to.

  • I'm so sorry... Heartbreak sucks! Well... I almost broke up with my ex boyfriend for the same reason. I just didn't want to believe that he loved me. No matter how hard I tried. I dont know if its just an excuse to get rid of you, but try fighting for her.
    best case scenario: she sees from you fighting that you really love her
    worst: she was just using it as an excuse and she wants you gone...

    or neither... Maybe she's too depressed for anything you do to make a difference.

    you decide on what you want to do.

    • Yeah, I won't do that. I mean, the real worst case scenario I think would make me look like im desperate and I can't move one and I dont want her to think that of me. Especially now that the wounds are starting to heal. Anyway, thanks for the advice and for answering the question :)

    • I hope you will be able to live with your decision. Good luck for the future!

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