GF contacts me after 1 day of No Contact?

My GF and I have been going through a rough patch lately... we haven't spoken for a few days because on an over-text argument we had.

I sent her a text two days ago asking her "Where do we stand?" and she replied telling me she was really, really upset, stressed and wasn't thinking straight. But also that she didn't think we could meet up before I left.

I decided at that point that I had to give her some space to cool down, so I didn't text or call her.

At the end of the day she sent me a random text asking me "When are you going back to Bristol?"

Bristol is where I study.

She hasn't answered yet (it was late at night), but I'm finding it weird that she now probably wants to see me?

What's up?


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  • only she can answer. I think she'd like to see you, if she hasn't answered by tomorrow, I'd text her and say 'would you like to meet up before I leave?'

    • Yeah I suppose so. I'm just so worried she might want to break up with me :(

    • Well she may just wanna see you before you leave! go prepared for anything to happen!

    • Yeah, I will.

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  • 1 day doesn't count as no contact lol people go a day without talking during a relationship so calm down she just cares about you.

    • I meant No Contact as a word, not as that thing to "try and get your ex back". I just wanted to see whether she still cares.

      Do you think she wants to break up with me?

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    • Well I hope you're right... I'm so stressed. I didn't sleep at all 2 nights ago. I'm heading back to the town I go to University in tomorrow :S I really want to see her before I leave.

    • then tell her this

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  • Yes.. She is seeking moral support thats it!

    • Do you think she wants to break up with me?

    • I cannot say anything about it! Just call her and ask is there anything wrong with you?

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