Should I get into contact with my GF now?

We had an over-text argument a while back... we didn't speak for 2 days so I sent her a text. I asked her "Where do we stand in our relationship?" and she said "I'm really, really upset... I'm stressed and I'm not thinking straight. I don't think we'll be able to see each other before you leave".
I decided I should just give her space.
After just half a day she contacted me late at night asking "When are you going back to Bristol?" I answered, but she hasn't responded yet (it's 11am)

Does she want to see me? Should I contact her or?


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  • I do think she cares a lot about you and definitely still loves you, otherwise she wouldn't be that honest and real with you. She's obviously upset, but I do think she still wants to see you as she asked when you were going back. I believe she's just confused now, but don't worry, you're doing great giving her space but still replying and keeping in contact when needed, it'll be fine! :)

    • So after she didn't answer my call she sent a text asking "what's up?" (Lol) ... I told her that "We need to seriously sort this out, can I might you when you're not busy?" and she said "I have lectures till 4/5". I asked her to chose a time...

    • Great! You guys definitely need a good conversation. Don't worry, these things happen in all relationships! Just talk it out and you'll be fine!

    • Right... well she said "Well I have no time I'm going home after" ... and she's the one asking me "what's up?" ... I don't get it!!!

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  • This does not look good. Try calling her or send her a text telling her that you are sorry and you hope that you can talk this through.

    • Why doesn't it sound good?

      She told me she didn't want to see me... but now she asks when I'm leaving?

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    • Right... well I hope she agrees to meeting up with me.

    • Right she's just told me that she has lectures at University till 4/5 ... I asked her to pick a time.

  • It seems unhealthy to me, that is the first thing that came to mind

    • Cool. But what do I do?

    • Well obviously if something is unhealthy, you should avoid her. Don't text her again, just wait until she replies.

    • you should avoid it*

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