So whats going through your minds when you're in NC rule?

Its my second week and i had so much intentions of messaging her, but i managed to hold my own.

Its not really over, its just that i gave her 2 weeks of space with NC, cus she had some stuff to deal with and its drivibg her crazy to keep the relationship a secret to her father ( he doesn't know, the mother does. I met her).

She said she doesn't want me to think she doesn't want me. But now i am here, seeing some posts on social media thinking of, she doesn't look that cobfused now does she? I said to her that i won't cobtact her until she is ready, but i'm afraid that day won't come. So i wonder, whats going through your minds when in this state? Just trying to figuere things out.

thanks for the reply
P. S.: i gave her 2 weeks, after that: NC continues; relationship over; No friends
Also worth to mention: its an 8 month rship


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  • You know honestly maybe the NC has to be permanent if she doesn't looks confused or like she misses you you can find someone else but don't hold into something you can't control (her)

    • I never do, it hurts the ego though.

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    • Naaaahh, she has to come back when she truly misses me. Iff not, then take care, 8 months of relationship by the way

    • Oh welll... I was just saying

What Guys Said 1

  • nothing really, at that moment im usually hitting up other girls.

    • Haha but u ain't in the NC or are you?

    • not right now. but other times when I was lol.

    • Haha cool, personally i would wait it out, but yeah distraction seems nice haha

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