Best way to get over a break-up?

Need help guys and girls, tips on how to get over my ex who ripped my heart out. Never have had a break-up hurt so bad before.


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  • There is no easy way to "get over" a break up. Your heart was filled with hopes, fantasies, ideals, you were going to spend the rest of your lives together, you felt, deep down. There is no quick, easy, painless way of getting over that.

    The best you can do is try and resist nonsensical, baseless emotions as they pummel your mind and heart, and look at the entire situation as logically as possible, sparing no mercies on your heart (Were you foolish? Good! Look it straight in the eye and realize what you did!) or allowing yourself to look at him with any sort of deceiving emotions. (Was he a dick, but you ignored it? Stop ignoring it!)

    • Thank you, your answer is honest and holds a lot of truth.

    • Thank you for MH. The best advice I can give you is to learn to listen to your instincts. They will battle your heart, as your heart sees every jerky guy and/or pop singers as "Mr. Right". Your instincts tell you otherwise, and they do not lie to you, hon. But your heart is necessary in life... One day your heart will align with your gut instincts, and they will both tell you you are looking at Mr. Right. Wait for that day, hon, and save sex for after marriage, in my opinion.

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  • finding another person to spend time with usually helps a buttload.

    • Yeah my friends are there for me, but they want me to go out and drunk and screw some random guy and that's not me. By the way I so love Chris Pratt, he got robbed by People for Sexiest Man Alive in my opinion.

    • I don't think jumping the first guy you see is a good idea either lol. its so temporary. maybe you can make a new friend. I fucking love Chris Pratt!

  • Best way to get over one guy is to get under another.

    • Haha I love that, I could use some good sex right now, but what if I say my ex's name? I'm sure I'd be thinking of him the whole time?

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    • I don't know if I can? I'm not that type of girl to do that.

    • Sex is good for healing sometimes, but not always. You'll know if that approach is right for you.

  • How long was this relationship? How long since it ended? Have you two spoken since the breakup? Details please :)

    • We were together for a year and half, a week ago he broke-up with me. No we haven't spoke he changed his number.

    • Yeah, you are in the eye of the shit-storm right now at 1-week-post.

      My advice is to pamper yourself right now, you need it, but don't shut others out either. Make sure to spend significant time with friends and family who really care about you for the next few weeks. Do all of your favorite things in order to feel better. If it all seems boring, try something new.

      Also, maybe try finding a male friend who you can vent to. I find this is really helpful as a guy to find female friends to talk about this stuff with, and it helps to put some of the gender issues in context.

      On the topic of sexual healing (saw mentioned above), you should wait until a least the 3 week mark, after a relationship of that size. But then a casual hookup with someone could really, really help. As a woman, I'm sure you already know someone who would love to blow your mind. Just make sure that they understand it as being casual, unless stated otherwise, so that he doesn't get hurt either.

    • Yes, it's tough. Especially since i have no contact with him at all, he cut me out of his life. But thank you so much for your advice. It's good honest advice that I will try to follow, the only problem is my friends want me to go out and get drunk and have a one night stand and they think that will fix everything. I don't they have ever been in love,


    Listen to this in the dark, then think I don't need him.

  • Talk to other guys
    Listen to music that suits you
    Write down a list if reasons why he's not good for you
    Share it with friends maybe


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  • just let yourself feel the pain. endure it. you'll be stronger

  • Maybe you should steal your heart back? He shouldn't have been ripping your heart out...

  • You need a rebound!!! Get a hotter guy and that'll burn his stinky ass


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