On going issues with my GF? Is this heading for a break up?

So I've managed to get a hold of my GF after a rough period...
We had quite a nice phone conversation in which I did manage to make her crack up a couple of times.
I asked her "where do we stand" just to make sure, because the last time I asked her, things were vague.
She said "I'm still really mad at you, but the reason why I've been so quiet about it is because I don't want to break up with you" ... she continued "I don't want to talk about this all because I know I'll do/say something rash, and you know what it is".
She wants us to have 2 weeks to think things over and have this anger calm down.
Funnily enough during the conversation I heard her say "I'm so pissed off that I'm so close to forgiving you" and then she quickly denied saying it.

Is this looking bad?


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  • Well I don't know why she's pissed off at you but it could be he way of showing she wants a break but the way I see it and this is what I would be thinkin if it was me I would say that stuff for the guy to give more attention and show me he's sorry for whatever he did

    • A 'break' being a break up right? Isn't it a euphemism?

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    • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking: to settle the anger so she can think straight?

    • Ye that's prob good for now

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  • Good sign. That last bit there is a little odd, but forgiveness is always good. Respect her wishes, buy some nice p*rn , sit back, and wait for her. On the 15th day, if she has not gotten back, by then send some flowers to her home. Or simply call.

    If the struggle continues past 1 month from now, it may be break up time. Sorry. Hope this helps...

    • What do you mean odd?

      I doubt it'll go past a month, she's kind and if she wanted to break up she would've told me.

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    • OH, I forgot.

      I sent her a text asking whether she could pass her grandparent's address to thank them for some gifts... she sent me the address, I said "cheers" and then she goes "I'm still pissed at you". I told her I don't blame her and she goes "dick".


    • Yep give her space, lol. Don't contact her until the two weeks are up, especially if she is giving you that kind of response. Patience has never been more of a virtue.

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  • She is mad and you need to allow her to experience her emotions, but she also wants to stay together and she's communicating well, that's great.

  • I would say it's not that bad. If she really wants to end it she wouldn't be talking to you this much. she's probably not sure what she wants with you yet.

    • Right so what should I do?

    • Give her a little time like she asked. she alreafy said she is very close to forgiving you, so when she reaches out to you again. just do whatever you always do to make her smile. best of luck.

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