Should I strat on texting my ex?

I had a relationship with a guy for over a year, I love him so much, we fought and ended up with a break up and I blocked him from Facebook and ignored his texts. Whenever I saw him passing by in halls I walked away and he kinda moved on.
He got into a relarionship and he seems happy with it, but after one month with his ne gf he asked me in school to add him on Facebook cause he wanted to text me again.
I know him well and I know he fears being rejected, how could he do this without fearing being embarrassed?
I don't know whether to add him on fb or not
Start* stupid typo..


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  • Its up to you if im honest... if you feel like talking to him then go ahead maybe you will fix everything between you or you can just stay friends. I still talk to my ex on Facebook and snapchat and we're fine with it so if you feel ready to talk to him again then try cuz you have nothing to lose

  • Why would he be fearful about talking to you?

    • Because I told one of his friends that I don't like him now and I regret talking to him from the first place, and as I said he fears being rejected or ignored

    • He just said he wanted to chat, it's not a big deal.

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