So I meet this girl who was really out of my league a while back and can't get over her?

i meet her during the summer , she doesn't live in same area i do , however her family had a cottage on nearby lake and she worked at a restaurant for summer. we first meet at a bar and then had this sort of date but not official date at a hotel restaurant and really hit it off. but then things got kind of weird and it turned out she sort of already had a bf back in city he just was never around and then she got annoyed i went to restaurant she worked too much and talked to some of the other girls who worked there and they started to like me as well. and by end of the summer she was all annoyed with me and she just sort of drifted away and never really heard anything since. tried to add her on Twitter but she blocked me and then wouldn't reply to my message on Facebook.

but this girl was really out of my league not just on her above average physical appearance but her personality and career goals she's trying to be a lawyer. she must also come from a lot of money as cottage on a very expensive lake to own property on. i just feel like there is no way she's ever going to want anything to do with me now and not even sure why she liked me to begin with , I'm really hurt and miss her , even though we never had sex i felt a real connection with her and have feelings for her that won't go away


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  • Leave her alone. She obviously didn't want to t talk to you. Eventually, maybe, she may try to contact you. But for now let her be and you work on your life

    • I was thinking and realised I shouldn't keep trying to contact her months after we've last seen each other in person. but still really miss her and fear we might not see each other again. I feel that I should try and date other people but no one even comes close to her on so many levels and that makes it really tough

    • I think you really need to just move on..

    • yeah I feel like I need to do that too , but still have a lot of feelings for her , she was something really special and I have meet other girls since I just haven't forgot about her that's all

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