What does this text mean from ex who dumped me and I'm trying to avoid so that I can get over her?

The girl that i loved dumped me and to get over her i ignored her messages and text messages. She would send me question marks when I didn't respond on Facebook. But she kept liking my statuses and texting me. So then i regained hope because we skyped and chatted and it seemed like she wanted me again and went back to square one. To find out she didn't according to her.

Then I got tired of it because she didn't "know" she was sending mixed messages. That got me pissed and i told her that i don't want to be friends anymore. This was her response and please tell me what you think from the tone.

"ok then, avoid me, I'm done. It's better anyways. You'll just keep thinking I like you the way you like me and nothing good will come out of it. So since i'm such a bad confusing person that you want to avoid me, sure go ahead!"

Prior to that text i told her I don't wanna mess with girls like you who don't know when they are sending mixed messages. That annoys the shit out of me.

What does it sound to you?
  • She wants me back
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  • She is unsure and is waiting
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Once you started ignoring her she became more into you. She probably felt like you moved on or completely forgotten about her, but once you responded to her text and messages she knew she still had a hold on you. Then after you given her attention she had mix emotions about you or just having you around as a safety raft... she likes you but she doesn't know what to do right in the moment. Honestly just tell her how you feel, you might not like the response that she might give you but at least you told her how you felt. Sometimes we don't know how we feel and it can come out bad but then we realize sooner or later until its too late or really bad timing


Most Helpful Guy

  • She's playing games and sounds extremely immature. I recently went through the same thing. I cut off contact and haven't heard from her in a month. Before that, the only time she reached out is when she needed something or to try and get a reaction out of me with a text trying to say i wronged her somehow. Like i fool i responded and she would just ignore me. Keep your self respect and cut her off.


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What Girls Said 1

  • She just wanted to remain friends


What Guys Said 1

  • I think 3 days later she will message u again she want u back


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