Should I wish him happy birthday on Facebook?

Today is this guy I used to see for a few months last year's 21st birthday... we ended things before summer and have not talked since then. Still friends on Facebook though. It's not like things ended badly, but I wasn't able to talk to him when I saw him on campus when it happened a few times because I was too freaked out about seeing him. The more I think about it the more I kind of doubt he wants to hear from me and I think I probably have ulterior motives to do it other than just wanting to be nice. Should I just keep it to myself?


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  • Are you planning on a generic wish, or something more personal?

    • Definitely something general for sure

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    • Yeah thanks for your input! And I'd say it sounds like he WAS probably not wanting to come off as too eager haha, I think I've gotten a few of those before or even the next day. I don't get the point in waiting THAT long, but yeah he probably was just waiting :)

    • I totally get where he's coming from, because I took my own sweet time to reply, because of the same reason.

      Ah, we're so silly sometimes :). Anyways, good luck with your crush. Hopefully it works out the way you want it to

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  • Yes, say happy birthday to him.. Its just Facebook, I bet he would get happy! That you wish him a happy birthday 🎂

  • It doesn't make any difference, it's just Facebook; if you want to do it, do it.


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