30 day No contact rule. Has anyone tried this and been successful with this method in the hope of getting an ex back?

So I've recently broken up with my girlfriend of 3 months. Due to unfortunate circumstances and some faults of my own. I had a bad case of depression and anxiety formed from life issues I had going on at the moment. This greatly effected my relationship. Although we were usually able to sort out disagreements. She suggested the break up was a good idea at this moment and I agreed due to or situation of a lot of time apart etc. so it was mutual. She has said she still wants me in her life and for us to be friends and if we were we to sort things out in the future she would like that. This girl did a lot for me in the shirt time period I had know her and been together with her. Even though it was one of my short relationships it was the most genuine. I still want us to be together in the future that's why I'm trying the no contact rule. I'm just curious to know though in doing this after wanting to remain friends should I not reply her at all if she texts me or contacts me before we have had sufficient time to heal after the breakup? just need some insight on this because I'm in a situation where she has texted me in the first couple days and I'm not quite sure what to do because I believe it may be best for a break for a little while for us to heal so we could think if we would like to get to together in the future
  • Reply to any contact she gives before the 30 days
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  • Do not not contact it reply until 30 days have been
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My ex recently ended a 3 year relationship because of a 2 hour train journey. My situation is different to you. Everyone's situation is different.

    I'm trying to do the no contact period rule too. Whether or not it works, I don't know. Apparently if she tries to text you, do NOT answer her unless certain circumstances arise. You could try going 21 days rather than 30, if you two think you can get back together.

    It's after these days that count. That initial conversation to make amends slowly. How to do that? I'm not there yet.

    Good Luck though.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 30days no contact it long time I think

    I don know if she's trustable but 30days no contact I think she flirt already who know whats her next step

    But if u trust her enough and she's good girl wait for the 30days

    • Sorry I didn't understand that middle paragraph, could you elaborate?

    • I mean u r not with her for 30 days and no contacts from u she will forget about u slowley

      if she have other male friends there's big chance she will date somone in the 30days

      And when u come back she will not be that interested as before

      I have no idea if I trust her enough

      But y not sending 1 message every week talking about how u feel better now and u want to her in ur life again and everything will be fine in da future u will keep urself alive in her hart

      I don know this girl personally to tell u exactly what u should do and no one can tell u thats y there's many things u should DIY

      Sorry for my English

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah I've tried the whole no contact rule but it was for 5 months and not 30 days.

    • How did that go did it work for you?

    • It went well and then he took me back and then after about 2 months of us dating he broke up with me out of the blue. Sometimes getting back with an ex can put you in a difficult situation or even a trap.

What Guys Said 1

  • A deal is a deal.

    • In meaning I shouldn't reply to any texts or contact?

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    • Best of luck bro. I wish for your success. Go for it!

    • Thanks man! Thanks for the advice too :)

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