My bf and I just broke up after four years bc he cheated with his ex who had been trying to break us up the whole time?

Now after a week they together and she in the army in texas and he here in MI still telling me he loves me... I'm just curious as to how you can do this to a person and think that your relationship gone be great?


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  • Damn he is such a dickhead. You shouod have told him to stop contact with her when u guys started dating because u knew she is trying to ruin yiur relationship

    • >.> a girl shouldn't have to prevent her guy from cheating. She does not have to monitor him like a baby. He's old enough to know right from wrong.

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    • @Curly_Girly is correct. It's not asker's job to make sure he keeps it in his pants.

      He owes it to himself not to be a douchebag. And he obviously failed miserably.

      Give this asshole the boot.

    • Exactly just because they were hs sweethearts they think they will be together no matter what.

      I feel your pain in a way, was dating my ex for nine months and then she left and went back to her hs sweetheart in a week. Stupid really after he hurt you, will never understand why go back to that. She has downgraded ha

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  • Oh fuck no. He wanted her he can go back to her. Tell him to leave you alone before you get a restraining order on him for harassing you. Block everything fom him. Buy a tazer.

  • As hard as it is, you need to cut him off. Delete his number, delete him from Facebook and the like. He has a weak character, and while his ex (now girlfriend) might not be the best person out there for trying to break you and him up, he is the one who let it happen. You don't need people like that in your life. Get rid and be happy.


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