I was seeing a girl for a month and she ended things between us. I really like her and want a second chance. What should I do?

Here's the story (I'm 26, she's 19):

We met in college and started flirting with each other. As you know it, we started making out. She told me she wanted to hold off on sex and take it slowly because she really liked me. I really liked her too so I respected her wish.

After 2 weeks of dating, we had sex and it was amazing. I knew she had a great time being with me. One day, we were texting normally and all of a sudden she stopped replying. I tried calling her and she didn't pick up. Later that night, she texted me and saying that she was out with her friends which she was because she snapchatted me. Her text seemed like she wasn't interested in talking to me. I asked her if anything was wrong and she said everything is absolutely great. I knew it was a lie lol.

The following day, we met up and she ended things with me saying that we were in different life stages and she wanted to be single. I tried to act cool and said that if that's what she want, I wouldn't force her to keep dating me if she wasn't interested. I had the mentality where if someone doesn't want to hangout with me, then I wouldn't be interested either.

After a month of NC, I texted her and we went out. It was a little awkward but I tried to have a positive attitude.

The next morning, she was sexting me through snapchat but she was wasted. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Since then, she started acting distant and taking forever to reply to my text and seemed more uninterested in talking to me.

That drove me crazy and I wanted her back more and I guess that's when I made a huge mistake. I started getting emotional and didn't like the way she was acting towards me so I texted her saying that I didn't want to be her friend anymore and wanted to cut ties. She deleted me off social media first and when I tried to talk to her again, she told me she wants no communication and started ignoring me.

I really want her back, what should I do?


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  • Well first of all, she's right. You two ARE at different stages in your life. She is just entering adulthood and figuring out who is she is, what she wants in life, etc. You are on the latter half of your twenties before she has even entered hers. In the grand scheme of things, is 7 years a huge age gap? No. When you're in your teens/20's though, you are going through a lot of changes is it is a rather large gap for this age group. She won't be where you are at for another half a decade. Of course she wants to be single and date around, she's just starting college! Completely cutting you out was the adult thing to do. You're just feeling down because it hurt your pride/ego. Would you really want to hang around as her 'friend' while she dated other guys? I doubt it. Time to move on.

    • Yeah I know you're right. It was a huge mistake dating her. Now those memories are clogged into my head and probably won't go away until I find someone more awesome than her.

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  • You need to move on, guy.

    If she's even slightly interested, she'll come back to you.

    It happened to me but I knew she as no good for me so I stayed away.

    Apparently, I broke her heart; she started it, haha.

    • I know I should and I've been trying for the last 2 months but she's still in my head. If there is any possibility, I would do whatever it takes to get her to talk to me again.

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    • Anyways, you need to show her that you've moved on by laughing and enjoying life around her despite how you really feel.

      She'll wonder why that is and may have a chance to spark her interest once more through your "zest".

      Anyways, got to go, good luck.

    • College but I already graduated.

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  • I can understand why she would feel you're both at 2 different stages in your life. But i'm not sure how you would be able to get her back since there has been already a lot of "back and forth", with not talking, then talking, then hanging out, then not hanging out, replying to texts, then not replying. The whole situation sounds like more trouble than its worth. Are you in love with her?

    • I wouldn't say love but it bugs me that we went from being really excited to see each other to total strangers. For her to cut me out of her life so easily, upsets me. It's like what we had meant nothing to her. I can't keep her out of my head, I miss being with her. :(

    • Would you be willing to just enjoy each others company as love interest but not progress into a relationship? Maybe she feels pressured because she thinks you want a relationship.

    • I didn't pressure her or anything. I was happy where we are. I wasn't in a rush to be in a relationship. I told her that after she ended things with me. :/

  • Wow so that's how a female has to act to get a guy to love her, I think she's doing it on purpose


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