What is my ex trying to do?

I've just had an ex stalk my Twitter and indirectly comment on tweets on his own account, as well as join tinder for the sole purpose of finding me on there... what is he trying to do? He says he doesn't want to get back together so why is he doing this?

Ps he dumped me


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  • If he's an ex, who cares.


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  • What makes you think he joined tinder for the sole purpose of finding you? That wouldn't give him any benefit. I mean whats the purpose of finding you on tinder no? Also trust me on this one, when we breakup with people we still have feelings for, or especially when they dump us. We tend to overthink things, and twist their actions around so that they indirectly relate to us. Instead of observing the indirect, id say think about the direct message. The part where he directly said he doesn't want to get back together. You are probably overthinking things, or he's just playing games with you. Some guys just dont want their ex to forget them, even though they dont want her back.
    Goodluck hope i Helped!


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  • He's bitter and just trying to still keep up with your life. Probably just stalking you to see if you're wallowing in misery (and he's probably pissed you're not)

    • I see no reason why he should be bitter as he was the one that dumped me and insisted I stay away from him as he didn't need the confusion.

    • Not to say you're wrong, I can see where you're coming from, I'm just trying to understand him as well.

    • I've never understood why people felt the need to do that kind of thing. Especially with exes, it's really weird. But people do it. Could be looking for an ego boost or enjoy seeing you miserable. Some guys still like to be in "control" of the situation even if they don't want you. I dated a guy like that.

  • It's a control thing. He's let you go but he still feels like you are his property. He checks to see what you are up to because of this.
    He doesn't have feelings, or loves you or wants you back. He just wants a glimpse into your world from time to time.
    Think also they secretly hope you write something on your social media about them. It gives them the ego boost they are looking for without actually interacting with you. Best thing to do is hide and delete all your stuff. Prob solved!!


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