Why would she break up with me to find herself?

My girlfriend and I started dating for about 6 months and we were very happy and only had stupid little fights that only lasted like an hour but other than that we were happy and then, she decided to leave me for someone else that she thought would make her happy and the guy ended up being a complete jerk and she ended up crawling back to me, she did everything she could to convince me that she loved me and even put time and effort into convincing my family because they knew how hurt I was about all of this, after time I finally let her back into my life and things were happy again, we still had our little fights now and then but we always made up and apologized and said we loved each other, she is a nursing student and we were dating while she was in school
And having classes and when she came home for Christmas everything was good but then a lot of stress has been building on her because this next semester is supposed to be really hard and time consuming and she barely passed last semester and is freaking herself out for the upcoming semester and is getting all aggregated at everything I do and just doesn't seem like herself and after a week of being back at school she seems really busy and stressed and has asked me for a break and I wasn't too happy about it but eventually caved because it's what she wanted because I can tell her stress was getting to her even more with me arguing about it, but I didn't really know what a break meant so I contacted her still everyday just asking how she was doing and she responded whenever she could or wanted to and I never complained about it and then she just couldn't do it anymore and broke up with me saying she needs to find herself and she doesn't know what she wants anymore, says she still cares but doesn't kno about anything anymore, she says there might be a future for us but there is no promises and told me not to get my hopes up because she doesn't want to disappoint, she told me this as she cried what do I do?


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  • Move on. She needs to get her life together before she can commit to anything.


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