Does He still care or what's going on?

Ex broke up with me and I never have been told why. So I had to deal with my heart break in a very tough way. I was recently told by a friend he still had the tattoos of me on him after 7 months. He also has pictures of him from when we were together and I even called him last year 3 days after his birthday to tell him Happy Birthday. He answered the phone and said Thank You in a nice way. The male friend even said he has open up the profile where it shows he single. I am blocked by him because after I found out he changed status to single I delete him offline. Mind you he cheated on me I was faithful to him. No I don't look at his page and the male friend just up in called me telling me. I told the male friend if he wants to get back with me he will and knows how to contact me to stop reporting information.


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  • He cheated on you. But you're right, if he wants you he has your number. In the mean time move on and find someone who can be loyal.


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