Just broken up and he refuses to tell me why? Was there someone else this whole time? Could it have been my best friend?

I just broke up with my long term boyfriend a while ago. He acted very indifferent and nonchalant about the situation. It shocked me to be the only one emotional over the break up.

I have a Bff, Sharron, and I tell her almost everything. When I told her about the incident she acted as if she was more relieved than concerned. And up until now she hasn't really been talking to me.

We all have each others cell so, I knew they were in contact. Before the break up my boyfriend had been staying out later than usual, being more secretive and keeping his phone calls private. Early on throughout our relationship things were more open.

One day I get on Instagram and see him and Sharron at a party hugged up drinking and enjoying themselves. I was invited to the party but I declined because I wanted to surprise my boyfriend at his house with some romance and dinner.

He doesn't usually go out so I figured he'd come home but he didn't. Once I saw the picture I freaked and questioned him but he, of course, denied they were messing around. I took his word for it and figured we'd have sex but he turned me down.

He never turned me down. In fact, he would often initiate sex. One day I walked into his house and I found red hair and condoms in his bedroom and we never used condoms while we were together and I don't have red hair (Sharron does) so, of course, it raised a lot of suspicion!!

He'd always go out but never take me anywhere and my friends told me they'd often see him and her together. Whenever I wanna go or do something he's never interested. So I still ask is it true but they still deny and still hangout.

Recently she messaged me on Facebook telling me she had a new boyfriend. He's also on social media talking about his new boo too. Is he talking about him? We're they fucking around on me? Should I confront them?
I've asked him why did we end like his and he never told me why! He always talks in circles. I've never did anything. I do everything I should.
-Dress nicely
-Stay in shape
-Get spontaneous


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  • Yup put two clues together and you got your mystery solved. Don't be surprised when your bff suddenly dates your ex.


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  • You know he cheated, be so thankful you're free of those garbage people! From here forward be wary of too much familiarity between your friends and your partner.

  • Sounds like you need a new best friend

  • You're aware we can see the questions you asked before this one, yes? Why do you make up all these things?


    • First off, my boyfriend and broke up a while ago... Second, there's no timeline on these questions! What would I lie about my life for. Its my life and your not me! Therefore you don't know what happened. Lastly, it doesn't matter i come here for opinions. If i wanna post a question about some stuff that happened 4 months ago then junp to something that happened today... That my damn business! And why are you following up on my questions... Im getting scared! Even more creppy cause your "anonymous" DISMISS YOURSELF! Thanks πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜’

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    • Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Yeah obvious you're keeping tabs on me.

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