Bashing an ex online?

If you see someone bashing their ex online and saying really horrible things regardless if the information is true or not that.. do you think that person is immature? And why do some people join in on the bashing when it's really none of their business what happened. Why do some exes do this? I think it's so tacky and wouldn't anyone else online think that person may do that to them if the dated? Any thoughts?


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  • Yes, of course they're immature. If someone has a problem with someone else and chooses to vent those problems online instead of confronting the person about it privately then I automatically label them as immature. I see absolutely no point in bashing someone online rather than confronting them directly. In my opinion, personal issues like that should not be posted online to begin with. I see so many people put their entire life out there for everyone to see and usually I think they just do it for sympathy, attention, or both. It's annoying.

    • Thanks, recently I saw online someone bashing their ex, I mean really ripping her apart with some things he said. The sad thing is a lot of people were commenting on the post and bashing her along with her! Thought it was so mean and cruel. I just don't understand why some people do this on social networks, even the people who agree with them are so immature and just as bad as the person doing the bashing

    • Yeah, I agree. A lot of people just feel "tougher" online for some reason, and it's the classic way bullies behave, to all gang up on one person and put that person down. I guess it makes them feel "cool."

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • As much as I hate my ex, I wouldn't cause I'm not like her. :)

  • It makes them feel better. As if somehow by doing that their ex would feel some of the negative vibes.

  • Not if it's done anonly, my ex was a fucking bitch!


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