My girlfriend doesn't trust me because of my friend?

So I've been dating this girl for a month now but we've been seeing each other about half a year. Our relationship just started but its been going pretty smoothly so far. All of sudden she starts saying that she doesn't trust me cus that's what my friends have been telling her. The thing is why would she trust them over her own boyfriend. Back in the early part of our relationship she did things that would make me question her trust but that's been over and done with. Just recently she proceeds to tell me that I have been talking behind her back to my friends about her anger issues and what not but she has been doing the same thing to me. She'all always go to my friends and have them leak information about me that is totally exaggerated and now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because I have no one to turn too. Even if I did say something like this behind her back, is this really something to get angry over. We just started dating and my relationship with this girl is at stake. Someone please give me some advice!!!


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  • No judge, but you should be more understanding if she has angry issues as you said. Its been only one month and tbh she can't trust a guy who she has been only dating for a month

    • But the things is that none of what she claims I said are true. This "friend" of mine is filling her head with all kinds of lies and she won't believe me

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    • But how do I prove that I'm not the one lying tho. I have no idea what to do. This has happened before and she just won't listen.

    • You need to talk to one of her closest friends, some one who has the ability to convince her.

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  • Punch ur friend solved

    • Was really considering it lol but that only make things worse

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  • You two are both immature and are terrible at communication.. with each other. Sounds like you aren't ready for a relationship.


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