Have you ever had the feeling that you can't do better then what you had?

Me and my ex broke up almost a year ago. She lost feelings for me out of the blue. I'm not trying to get her back because I know I can't, I don't talk to her anymore because we just don't have that connection anymore.

Despite that it is a year ago that was the moment for me that I started to realize what I had lost and how great she was. I'm not in love with her anymore, but she was the best, I honestly think I'll never find anyone that is better then her..

Am I the only one that ever felt like this? Note that it is almost a year after the BU and we never talk anymore, I don't have the intentions to get her back because I know it won't work. But I also think I'll never find anyone as beautiful and with her kindness as the girl I had.. And it makes me feel like shit still every single day


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  • I had that feeling for a long time, since I broke up with my boyfriend. I had some relationships after but It never really was the same. I thought I could never fall in love the way I did and I would never meet anyone as good as him. And I didn't, for a long time.. I guess I never met the right person after him, and I just didn't want to be alone. That guy was just perfect, beautiful, we connected on every level, but I screwed it up and we went from always being togheter to not talking anymore. It took me 2 years to finally get actually over it
    Now, I have met this guy and it is the first time since my first relationship that I feel this way. So yeah, there is still hope. :)


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  • I've had that feeling before, the good news is that it didn't last long as my next boyfriend was even better. No regrets here

  • You're thinking too much on the negative. You might think this now but trust me you'll find someone maybe better or just as great as she was. W e have all been thro these experiences where we say to ourselves "damn she really loved me but i won't find anyone else like her..." its normal. Just gotta keep looking for that someone :-)


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