Question for married people: Which is more likely to lead to marital issues?

I am pro-marriage, and I am willing to compromise.

I, though, am against divorce to the point I'd rather die than get divorced.

But people have marital problems for different reasons.

In a marriage, which is more unforgivable?
  • Being cheated on
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  • Having no money
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  • Tricky question... I could forgive my man for cheating. And I could also forgive him for losing a job, getting in a rough spot, hurt/disabled... what have you. That happens to all of us; it's called life. ;). But if he were just too lazy to support himself and our family, or he drank and gambled away all our earnings, then, yeah, I might have to kick his sexy arse. I don't want to be divorced, either, so I like what you said.

    • I shouldn't have labeled it 'leading to divorce' but rather 'how to maintain a marriage and prevent divorce.'

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    • I don't know what to expect. But I hope I am the kind of man who the girls father sees me as gaining a son and not losing a daughter.

    • Hopefully so. And I'm sure when you find the right girl, she won't mind at all dealing with your family. It's one of the spices of life. ;)

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  • Personally, i wouldn't even think about marriage until i have enough money to support at least a 4 person household. So number 2 isn't an issue. But if someone cheats on me, bye bye, im ending it then and there. Id beat the shit out of the guy she cheated with and then id put her in the car and drive her ass to her parents house and throw her on their door step.

    • Good plan. Just out of curiosity... would you feel differently if you had cheated on her first?

    • I wouldn't cheat. And if some how i did, i believe a girl should do a lot more than just get even.

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