Why did my ex delete me off Facebook & is it weird that I'm feeling some type of way about it?

I broke up with him earlier this week because he is not over his ex & i realized that i was just a rebound. He is a really nice guy & treated me better than any other guy I've been with has to be honest. The break up wasn't harsh i just simply expressed how i needed a guy that was focused on our future together not constantly whining about the past with his ex & how his life can't go on without her. He deleted me off Facebook & i was irritated and shocked because what reason would he have to do that? i did nothing to him if anything i should be the one upset & deleting him because i wasted my time with someone that wasn't really with me in the first place.


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  • Ignore it and it will drive him even more nuts than he already is. by the way he blocked you because he still has feelings and he's trying to block THEM out.


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