Why is it so easy to push people out?

so i finally cut everything off between a guy i was talking to for 6 months. i cut him off because he's been ignoring me and i was the only one putting effort for us to work. Instead, he freaked out and claimed he only wanted to be friends, when clearly he wanted more than that until he started going through a lot of things in his life. Why is it that a guy that wanted you from the beginning, then pushes you out as soon as he starts to go through things? I never understood that. a part of me feels bad because i expressed myself about the entire situation and it got to the point where we were arguing.. then it calmed down again. Should I even trip? Even afterwards he kept stressing we are friends. How do we go from "false relationship" to.."friends"? How should I seriously take that?


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  • It is good you cut him off

    • I just feel bad because we both were wrong for exploding on each other when I did cut him off.

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