Break up to make up everday?

Me and my best female friend started dating and it was insane the friendship enhanced what we had... Well only after a month she started getting hot and cold and signs she is seeing another guy...

So last week she kept trying to break up with me but the reasons were small like need space ok we can just have space. Basically everday last week she breaks up with me I give her my feed back and ask why she giving up so easy and she changes her mind and we have make up sex...

Ok is this chick like have some serious emotional baggage?
With us being best friends I told her she needs to tell me if it's another guy but she denies it. I think bc we are close she is scared of hurting me. I can see the guilt in her face she says she just stressed about us...


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  • You guys seem to have what's known as the "roller coaster relationship" it's unhealthy and goes up and down. It seems she may have some baggage or just enjoys benefits with you but doesn't necessarily like you as more than a friend. I would say give this girl and yourself a break. Stay friends for now but anything more just seems like a bad idea.


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  • Doesn't seem to me like a great relationship. Maybe you two should take a nice break. Step back, think over it. Is the relationship really working? Was your relationship better as friends? Why do you think she's seeing another guy?

  • Dude that sounds like really unhealthy and to much effort. To much dramas. I hate drama

    • I know I really want to be with I'm consistent but she is not... It sucks

    • Hmm I thinks that's the downfall man.. No point for going through those mixed emotions if it's going to be inconsistent

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