How can I win my baby back?

Me and my girlfriend went out happily for exactly 2 and a half years, never seemed like we loved each other any less always more than the day before. Just last week i got a text while i was working that we needed to talk, she told me she loves me but she's not in love with me anymore and doesn't want a relationship right now and told me at first we can get back together soon but now she's saying itll be a while and theyres no promises that we would even try even though im willing to drop it, and just like that she left my life, rarely get texts back frkm her, hungout twice, made it seemed like she cared and made me the happiest j was since this happened i couldnt stop smiling then continued to tell me this morning that were not garunteed, im still very very deeply in love with her and showed her ill still do everything for her and she doesn't show appreciation at all, i will do absolutly anything and everything to have my baby back by my side, what do i do!!! She told me to not talk to her but its so hard to not talk to the one who was always there and when we werent with each other wed be texting, and is it still possible to win her back? Im willing to try anything i can to win my love back, we were meant for each other, and now inside I've been so depressed i kinda died a lot and i literally still feel my heart breaking and tearing itself up, please i need help


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  • Dont push. she'll distance herself if you dont respect what she wants. Sorry about this.

    • Thank you, i will try my best with doing thats its just so hard, all my guy friends told me to forget about her And move on, i guess im not the type of guy that can do that sort if thing, i have a heart and i know it only belongs to her, how long do you think distancing will take? Not months right? Ill wait years if i have to just its been horrible going only a week with barely seeing and talking to her, I don't know i guess i probably done something for this to happen i told her im sorry for everything that mightve caused it but she wouldn't tell me what the cause was

    • I can't tell how long she'll avoid you. But what I know is that you shouldn't wait. It takes two to tango, right? So if she says she doesn't want to do it, then it's over. You can't make her love you. Set her free, if you love her enough.

      What's best for your heart right now is to mended. Let it go through the emotional pain of breakup. It will be fn difficult but you'll come out stronger. Next time, don't let your world revolve around a woman. Be independent even in a relationship.

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  • Research oxytocin and see that it expires in about 2 years.

  • If u will do everything for her to win her back forget about it she will lose interest in u

    And after 2.5 years of love she just woke up and feel she dont want realitionship THATS A JOKE I think there's someone in her life but she still confused between you

    Maybe she dont see u as future husband u r just good as bf but not good enough to have family

    How u can win her that depend on many things and no one will give u the right thing to do u must find it urself

    But in general dont act weak in front of her and never ever beg her and be strong women dont like weak man no matter how u look or whats in ur bank


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