Have you ever broken up with someone and regretted it?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend even though I love him so much. :(

Lately I've felt depressed and as if I wasn't a priority to him or that I didn't mean anything to him.

I recently heard that he introduces me as his friend and tells people that he's my friend, even though we've been dating over a year and tell each other we love each other. I asked him about it and he said that he just wouldn't call me his girlfriend.

Then he also only bought me underwear for Christmas and did nothing for my birthday except tell me it over the phone. He did however take out his coworker for her birthday a few months ago even though he hid it from me and never knew that I found out.

On top of all this, most times when he makes plans with me, he flakes so I would just stand around for 20-30 minutes in the cold. This happened all the time. Sometimes he would show up, we'd have sex and then he'd leave or tell me to leave. Sometimes he'd make plans and then cancel on me so that he can hang out with a friend. Even if he had already flaked on me earlier in the day.

I told him all this, that I don't feel loved, feel like I'm being used and him choosing to do nothing for my birthday really made me feel as if I did not matter to him and that I didn't think I could feel happy again.

He said he had planned to make up my birthday, that he had planned on doing more with me now that he has time. He told me a list of things he had planned with me but I felt the damage was done and still broke up with him.

Now I regret it because I'm not sure if he meant it or was just trying to save his butt.

Has anyone else regretted a break up? What did you do? Your story?


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  • How long ago was your birthday? If he planned on makinh it up, he probably would've made it up the next day.

    Woman to woman, I THINK YOU'RE BEING PLAYED.

    If he's introducing you as his friend & he's not wanting to hang out with you it's probably b/c he has someone else. You're in your late 20's and y'all don't live together (u said he have sex w/ u & then leave or want u to leave) I would move on b/c it sounds like the ONLY person that THINK or is calling this thing y'all have a relationship is YOU. He's telling people you're JUST HIS FRIEND, that says a lot.

    Only underwear for Christmas? I think that's fine. Were they sexy underwear? What did u buy him? At least he thought of u :)

    I never regretted a break up. If a man/woman isn't treating u right "hint" move on. You'll find someone to treat u better & u'll be over him in a heartbeat.

    • Three weeks ago

    • You shouldn't regret this situation at all.

      If he never done anything for your birthday yet & 3 weeks have passed by I don't he's going to do anything :(

  • Regret nothing, that's my life motto.


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